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Personal Trainer Code of Ethics

Best Interest of the Client
Appropriate Professional Boundaries
Maintain and Expand Education
Truth, Fairness and Integrity
Show Respect
Uphold Professional Image

As a professional, certified Personal Fitness Trainer I will be guided by the best interests of the client and will practice within the scope of my education and knowledge. I will maintain the education and experience necessary to appropriately train clients. I will behave in a positive and constructive manner. I will use truth, fairness and integrity to guide all my professional decisions and relationships.

Always be guided by the best interests of the client

  • I remember that a personal trainer's primary responsibility is to my client's safety, health and welfare. I will never compromise this responsibility for my own self-interest, personal advantage or monetary gain.
  • I recommend products or services only if they will benefit my client's health and well-being, not because they will benefit me financially or occupationally.
  • If I recommend products or services that will result in financial gain for me I will disclose that to my client.
  • I base the number of training sessions on my client's needs, not my financial requirements.
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Maintain appropriate professional boundaries

  • I never exploit - sexually, economically or otherwise - a professional relationship with my clients.
  • I Respect my client's right to privacy. A client's conversations, behavior, results and, if appropriate, identity will be kept confidential.
  • I use physical touching appropriately during training sessions, as a means of correcting alignment and/or focusing my client's concentration on the targeted area. I will immediately discontinue the use of touch at my client's request or if he/she displays signs of discomfort.
  • I focus on the business relationship, not my client's personal life, except as appropriate.
  • If I am unable to maintain appropriate professional boundaries or work within the legitimate agenda of the training relationship, whether because of my own attitudes and behaviors or those of my client, I will either terminate the relationship or refer my client to the appropriate professional, such as another trainer, a medical doctor or a mental health specialist.
  • I will avoid sexually oriented banter and inappropriate physical contact.
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Maintain the education and experience necessary to appropriately train clients

  • I continuously strive to keep abreast of new developments, concepts and practices essential to providing the highest-quality services to my clients.
  • I recognize my limitations in services and techniques, and engage only in activities that fall within the boundaries of my professional credentials and competencies. I Refer clients to other professionals for issues that fall beyond the boundaries of a personal fitness trainer's profession.
  • For health screening, fitness assessment, prudent progression and exercise technique, I follow the standards outlined by professionals in the fields of medicine and health and fitness.
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Use truth, fairness and integrity to guide all professional decisions and relationships

  • In all professional and business relationships, I clearly demonstrate and support honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.
  • I accurately represent my qualifications.
  • In advertising materials, I am truthful and fair. When describing personal training services, I am guided by the primary obligation of helping my client develop informed judgments, opinions and choices.
  • My contracts are clear and understandable.
  • I administer consistent pricing and procedural policies.
  • I never solicit business from another trainer's client.
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Show respect for clients and fellow professionals.

  • I act with integrity in my relationships with colleagues, and other health professionals to help ensure that every client benefits optimally from all professionals.
  • I never discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, physical handicaps or nationality.
  • If disagreements or conflicts occur I focus on behavior, factual evidence and non-derogatory forms of communication.
  • I present fitness information completely and accurately in order to help my client make informed decisions.
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Uphold a professional image through conduct and appearance

  • I do not smoke or abuse illegal substances
  • I strive to always maintain healthy eating habits.
  • I speak and dress in a manner so as to increase my client's comfort level.

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Doing activity that requires moderate effort is safe for most people. But if you have a chronic health condition such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or other symptoms be sure to talk with your doctor about the types and amounts of physical activity that are right for you.

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