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Nutrition Coach Code of Ethics

Client Relationships
Scope of Practice
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Client Relationships
  • I endeavor to serve the best interests of my clients at all times and provide the highest quality service possible.
  • I maintain clear and honest communications with my clients and keep client communications strictly confidential.
  • I acknowledge the limitations of my skills and, when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate qualified health care professional.
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  • I maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, providing services in an ethical and professional manner in relation to my clientele.
  • I respect the rights of all ethical practitioners and cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner.
  • I refrain from the use of any mind-altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to or during professional sessions.
  • I always dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as attire suitable and consistent with accepted business and professional practice.
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Scope of Practice / Appropriate Techniques

  • I provide services only within the scope my knowledge and training and shall represent my education, training, qualifications and abilities honestly.
  • I am conscious of the intent of the coaching that I am providing and am aware of and practice good judgment.
  • I do not diagnose, prescribe or provide any other service which requires a license to practice or as any other profession or branch of medicine unless specifically licensed to do so.
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Image / Advertising Claims

  • I strive to project a professional image for myself, my business, and the profession in general.
  • I actively participate in educating the public regarding the actual benefits of weight management and a healthy lifestyle.
  • I practice honesty in advertising, promote my services ethically and in good taste, and practice and/or advertise only those practices for which I have received adequate training and/or certification.
  • I shall not make false claims regarding the potential benefits of the services rendered.

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Doing activity that requires moderate effort is safe for most people. But if you have a chronic health condition such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or other symptoms be sure to talk with your doctor about the types and amounts of physical activity that are right for you.

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